Annual Meeting


2023 annual meeting will be held onsite in Boston on March 17 (Friday), between 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM. Please note the meeting will be held on-site only

2023 Annual Meeting 中国研究图书馆员学会2023年年会议程                                                                     

Date: March 17, 2023 (Friday), 20123年3月27日星期五

Time:  9 AM -1 PM, 上午9:00 – 下午1:00

Venue: Room 118 (Yenching Auditorium), 2 Divinity Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02138.

9:00      Registration 年会报到、注册(咖啡、茶点)

9:30      Call to Order 年会开始 

9:30      Welcome Remarks学会致辞 (杨玉蓉)

9:35      Report of SCSL Financial Management 学会财务报告(杨玉蓉代蒋树勇)

9:40      Report of the Committee for General Affairs总务委员会报告(朱润晓)

9:45      Report of the Committee for Information Exchange信息委员会报告(陈晰)

9:50      Report of the Committee for Professional Activities专业委员会报告(邹秀英)

9:55      Report of the Editorial Committee for the Journal学刊编委会报告(周珞)

10:00    Research Forum Hosted by the Committee for Scholarly Activities学术委员会主持学术交流(张颖)

11:30     Group Photo集体照

11:40    Airiti New Products and New Services華藝(王蘭心) 

12:00    Lunch and Social午餐及自由交流

1:00      Adjourn休会

The meeting is open to all. Registration is required. Contact: Runxiao Zhu <>.  

2023 Research Forum Agenda