Constitution 章程


The Society for Chinese Studies Librarians (the SCSL thereafter), registered in the United States, is a non-profit, non-political academic organization aimed at promoting scholarly activities, professional exchange, information sharing, and project cooperation among Chinese studies librarians, so as to make contributions to China studies in general and to Chinese resources study in particular.


1. The SCSL members are Chinese studies librarians who join the organization of their own free will. The SCSL also accepts applicants who are not Chinese studies librarians, yet possess a strong interest in conducting research on materials related to China studies.

2. The SCSL members pay a one-time entry fee of $180 to be officially affiliated with the organization. No annual membership fee is required.

3. The members enjoy the privileges of participating in SCSL activities, playing a role in decisionmaking, voting in important matters, and serving as officials of the organization. All members are entitled to equal rights and equal opportunity in the organization.


1. The SCSL is composed of a board of directors and five working committees under the board of directors. The board of directors is made up of the president and 6 board directors. The president is in charge of general SCSL affairs. The 6 board directors assume the positions of Executive Director and chairs of 5 working committees respectively.

2. The SCSL members can self-nominate or nominate others for candidacy for the board directorship. The election of the board directors is decided by a vote of all of the members. The tenure of the board directors is two years. The elected board director who receives the most votes will serve as the SCSL president. The SCSL president can serve only one term; the board directors can serve for a total of no more than two consecutive terms.

3. The president-elect assigns the board directors-elect to be Executive Director or to chair a working committee. There are 5 working committees: the Committee for General Affairs, the Committee for Scholarly Activities, the Committee for Professional Activities, the Committee for Information Exchange, and the Committee for the SCSL Journal. The committee chairs will in turn invite the SCSL members to join the working committees. There is no limit for the size of each committee.

4. The Executive Director assists the president for general SCSL affairs. The Committee for General Affairs is responsible for the SCSL new member admissions, elections, and annual membership meetings. The Committee for Scholarly Activities is responsible for academic events. The Committee for Professional Activities is responsible for professional cooperation and outreach.

The Committee for Information Exchange is responsible for the SCSL website, newsletters, member directory and database construction. The Committee for the SCSL Journal is responsible for the publication of the society journal.

5. The SCSL encourages the full participation of all members. On the premise of personal agreement, the SCSL will invite all members to join one of the five committees.

6. The SCSL sets up an Advisory Committee with its members decided by the board of directors. The term for an advisor is two years, and could be reappointed as the board sees appropriate.

7. The SCSL sets up a permanent Secretary position, responsible for the financial affairs and the organizational registration of the Society. The position is appointed by the board of directors for a term of four years, and could be reappointed. Executive Director serves as backup. Secretary participates in meetings of the board of directors, but has no voting right on the appointment of the position.


1. The SCSL holds a membership meeting once a year. The annual meetings are jointly organized by the Committee for General Affairs and the local members of the cities where the annual meetings will be held. The agenda of the annual membership meeting includes work reports, future plan reviews, general affair discussions, and member networking.

2. The Committee for Scholarly Activities is responsible for organizing the SCSL academic activities, including cooperative research projects and academic conferences. Research projects may be initiated by individual members, and approved and coordinated by the Committee for Scholarly Activities. Academic conferences may be held independently by the SCSL or in cooperation with other organizations.

3. The Committee for Professional Activities coordinates professional activities among the SCSL members, including but not limited to professional exchanges, overseas visits, lectures and workshops.

4. The Committee for Information Exchange is responsible for setting up and maintaining the SCSL website, publishing newsletters, compiling the SCSL member directory, and constructing and updating databases.

5. The Tianlu Luncong is the academic journal officially published by the SCSL. The Committee for the SCSL Journal is responsible for its publication.

6. The SCSL actively seeks cooperation and partnership with other academic organizations.


Any revisions to the constitution must be voted and approved by two thirds of the SCSL members.

                                                                                                                                    March 23, 2010, Philadelphia, PA, United State of America

                                                                                                        First amended March 22, 2019, Denver, Colorado, United State of America