Task Force on Membership Management and Promotion, 2024-2026


  1. To examine current practice of new member recruitment, explore and take action to recruit more new members. In addition to timely recruiting newly hired Chinese studies librarians in the U.S. and Canada (in coordination with Committee for General Affairs), the task force reaches out to the European Association of Sinological Librarians and to qualified interested librarians and library leaders from the Greater China Area to recruit new members.
  2. To improve the procedure for new member application and orientation, particularly by helping streamline and centralize necessary and useful information in the new SCSL website (the webpage on Membership) (in coordination with the Committee of Information Exchange).
  3. To improve the service for general membership by exploring and organizing new initiatives of information sharing, communications and professional growth (in coordination with Committees of Scholarly Activities and Professional Activities).


April 2024: Task Force is established
March 2025: Work report to the Board
Fall 2025: Planning a collaborative initiative on an appropriate topic/theme in 2026
Summer 2026: Implementing the collaborative initiative
March 2026: Final report to the Board.


Luo Zhou (Duke, ex officio), Jianye He (UC Berkeley), Joshua Seufert (Princeton), Chengzhi Wang (Columbia)