Committee for Professional Activities (2018-2020)

Name / 姓名 SCSL Responsibilities/会内分工 Job Title/所在机构及职务 Terms
Stephen Qiao ( 乔晓勤 ) 专业委员会主任 (Chair, Committee for Professional Activities) China Studies Librarian, University of Toronto 2018-2020
Liangyu Fu ( 傅良瑜 ) 成员(Member) Chinese Studies Librarian, University of Michigan 2018-2020
Shuyong Jiang ( 蒋树勇 ) 成员(Member) Chinese Studies Librarian and Area Studies Division Coordinator, University of Illinois 2018-2020
Ping Situ ( 司徒萍 ) 成员(Member) Associate Librarian, Research & Learning Dept. University of Arizona 2018-2020
Nienin Xie ( 谢念林 ) 成员(Member) Asian Studies Librarian, Dartmouth College 2018-2020