Board of Directors (2016-2018)

Name / 姓名 SCSL Responsibilities/会内分工 Job Title/所在机构及职务 Terms
Zhijia Shen ( 沈志佳 ) 主席 (President) Director of East Asia Library & Chinese Studies Librarian, University of Washington 2016-2018
Su Chen ( 陈肃 ) 总务委员会主任 (Chair, Committee for General Affairs) Head Librarian for Asian Studies, University of California Los Angeles Libraries 2016-2018
Stephen Qiao ( 乔晓勤 ) 学术委员会主任(Chair, Committee for Scholarly Activities) China Studies Librarian, University of Toronto 2016-2018
Jianye He ( 何剑叶 ) 信息委员会主任(Chair of the Committee of Information Exchange) Librarian for Chinese Collections, University of California Berkeley 2016-2018
Jing Liu ( 刘静 ) 专业委员会主任 (Chair, Committee for Professional Activities) Chinese Language Librarian, University of British Columbia, Asian Library 2016-2018
Ye Ding ( 叶鼎 ) 学刊编辑委员会联络成员(Liaison to Tianlu Lucong) Asian Studies and Linguistics Bibliographer, Georgetown University 2016-2018
Jade Atwill ( 杨玉蓉 ) 执行长 (Executive Director) Asian Studies Librarian, Pennsylvania State University 2016-2018