Board of Directors (2011-2013)

Name / 姓名 SCSL Responsibilities/会内分工 Job Title/所在机构及职务 Terms
Tao Yang ( 杨涛 ) 主席 (President) East Aisan Librarian, Rutgers 2011-2013
Ying Zhang ( 张颖 ) 总务委员会主任 (Chair, Committee for General Affairs) Research Librarian for Asian Studies University of California Irvine Libraries 2011-2013
Li Wang ( 王立 ) 学术委员会主任(Chair, Committee for Scholarly Activities) Head, East Asian Library, Brown University 2011-2013
Hong Xu ( 徐鸿 ) 执行长 (Executive Director) Head, East Asian Library, Pittsburgh 2011-2013
Guoqing Li ( 李国庆 ) 学刊委员会主任(Chair, Committee for the SCSL Journal) Chinese and Korean Studies Librarians, Ohio State University 2011-2013
Shuyong Jiang ( 蒋树勇 ) 信息委员会主任(Chair of the Committee of Information Exchange) Chinese and Korean Studies Librarian, University of Illinoise at Urbana-Champaign 2011-2013
Liren Zheng ( 郑力人 ) 专业委员会主任 (Chair, Committee for Professional Activities) Curator, Wason Collection on East Asia, Cornell University 2011-2013