Board of Directors

Name/ 姓名 SCSL Responsibilities/ 会内分工 Title and Affiliation / 职务及机构 Email
Zhijia Shen 
President Director of East Asia Library &Chinese Studies Librarian, University of Washington 
Su Chen 
Chair of the Committee of General Affairs Head Librarian for Asian Studies, University of California Los Angeles Libraries 
Stephen Qiao 
Chair of the Committee of Scholarly Activities China Studies Librarian, University of Toronto 
Jianye He 
Chair of the Committee of Information Exchange Librarian for Chinese Collections, University of California Berkeley 
Jing Liu 
Chair of the Committee of Professional Activities Chinese Language Librarian, University of British Columbia, Asian Library 
Ding Ye 
Liaison to the Editorial Committee of the Journal of SCSL Asian Studies and Linguistics Bibliographer, Georgetown University 
Jade Atwill 
Executive Director Asian Studies Librarian, Pennsylvania State University