2024 Annual Meeting

2024 SCSL Annual Meeting  will be held onsite only. 



Date:   March 15, 2024 (Friday),  2024年3月15日星期五

Time:  9 AM -1 PM, 上午9:00 – 下午1:00

Venue:  Seattle Public Library, Level 4, Conference Room 1


9:00    Registration 年会报到、注(咖、茶点)

9:15    Call to Order 年会开 

9:15    Welcome Remarks 学会玉蓉)

9:20    Report of the Committee for General Affairs 总务员会报告(朱润晓

9:25    Report of the Committee for Information Exchange 信息委员会报告(晰)

9:30    Report of the Committee for Professional Activities 专业员会报告(秀英)

9:35    Report of the Editorial Committee for the Journal 会报告(周珞)

9:45    Group Photo 集体照

10:00  Research Forum Hosted by the Committee for Scholarly Activities 学术员会主持学术交流

12:00  Lunch and Social 午餐及交流

12:10-12:30  Airiti New Products and New Services 華藝(王蘭心) 

12:30-12:40 Guangxi Normal University Press 广西师大《天禄论丛》新书发布

1:00      Adjourn 休

The meeting is open to all. Registration is required. Contact: Runxiao Zhu < <RUZ117@pitt.edu>.  


Research Forum Hosted by the Committee for Scholarly Activities学术员会主持学术交流(张颖

10:00  Report from the Committee on Scholarly Activities 学术员会报 (张颖)

10:05 -10:45 Book & Translator Panel 西學漢譯 Translating the West to the East (王 主持)


  • (美)嘉; (美)李国庆陈垚, and J. G Kerr. 代广州旅本 Guide to the city and suburbs of Canton . 广人民出版社, 2023.
  • (英)格雷夫人著; (美)秀英, 李雯, (美)王; (美)李国庆统, and John Henry Gray. 广州 Fourteen Months in Canton. 广人民出版社, 2019.
  • [美] 晋珠 (Lucille Chia)著; 邱葵, 秀英, 柳; 李国庆, et al. 利而印: 11至17世福建建的商出版者 Printing for profit : the commercial publishers of Jianyang, Fujian (11th-17th centuries) . 福建人民出版社, 2019.
  • 邓赛, (美)李国庆整理, et al. 中国研究外文: 中国语. 第一. 广西范大出版社, 2023.


10:45-12:00  Project Presentations and lightning talks 目演 (傅良瑜 主持)

  • 刘静 & 《振振公族》成分享 (13 min.)
  • Joan Wang & David Romney. Asia in Saint Louis: Synergy of Library Instruction, Digital Humanities, and Community Engagement (13 min.)
  • Ying Liu. Teaching to Impact: A Toolkit for Embedding Wikipedia Editing in Asian Studies Curriculum (13 min.)
  • Xi ChenRediscovering China Studies Special Collections in Liberal Arts Colleges in the U.S. 再访文理院中特藏 (7 min.)
  • 从陕北看世界 (7 min.)
  • Tang Li. Curating Library Exhibits: Practical Insights and Tips (7 min.)
  • Q&A (15 min)